C-Virus Appendix test kit (CTT)

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This test kit can be used individually or in combination with other CTT test kits such as: ”Viruses and Fungi”, ”Vaccinations, Metals and Miscellaneous”, the Herpesviruses test kit and the new single ampoules with frequency information of vaccines (e.g.: CBP2021).

The aim is to strengthen the immune system and specifically prevent the replication and reactivation of viruses energetically. In addition, energetic burdens and blockages caused by infections and vaccinations are to be eliminated. Of course, accompanying this, the elimination organs must always be opened and further toxic burdens minimized. The healthier the inner environment, the stronger the immune system.

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G16FH_KTT-Handbuch C-Virus-Testkasten_Beschreibung v. Sabine engl.